Our selection of tanning products help you achieve the deepest tan possible, condition your skin, and extend the life of your tan. We carry sensational skin care products for each tanner's unique needs, including powerful accelerators, bronzers, after-care products, and indoor tanning products.
Let us recommend the tanning product that is perfect for you.

We carry professional tanning products by Ed Hardy, Playboy, Designer Skin, Supre, and many more!



How Do I Know Which Type of Lotion to Use? There are three basic types of tanning lotions: Natural Bronzers, Cosmetic Bronzers, and Tingle.

How do Cosmetic Bronzers Work? Do you want a healthy, radiant tan within a few hours? Then cosmetic bronzers are the way to go. Cosmetic bronzers use an ingredient in sugar cane called DHA to create a perfect, subtle shade of bronze for even, flawless coverage. We recommend Ed Hardy's IM Fabulous

What are Natural Bronzers? Natural Bronzers help you get the deepest, darkest tan while conditioning your skin. Natural Bronzers not only maximize your tan, but continue working long after UVA exposure, conditioning the skin and helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
We recommend: Supre Smoke Black Bronzer

What is Tingle? Tingle tanning lotions help maximize your tan by increasing blood flow to the skin, giving the tanning process a boost. The enhanced levels of botanical oils leave your skin soft.
We recommend: Deja Vu Brown Sugar